The curriculum has been directed at the national Qualifications Framework by prioritizing expertise and special skills for students. The number of SKS graduation requirements is 36 credits with a 2 year study period (4 semesters). The learning process is done face-to-face and giving assignments and added with field lectures and field reviews. Students are required to attend student seminars to hone their ability to achieve ideas in public. Academic activities are supported by sufficient facilities and infrastructure so that a conducive academic atmosphere can be achieved. The strategies and methods of lecture material are included in the Semester Learning Plan (RPS). Efficiency and productivity in the teaching and learning process can be seen from the number of lecture meetings planned and realized that are very good, namely> 90%.

MANKON Curriculum Field Map

The first concentration is Construction Management (MK) with specialization in Operations and Maintenance Management (supported by the mandatory Management and Maintenance Management 3 credits). This particularity is what distinguishes the civil engineering master at other universities. This specificity is also something new (innovation) because of the development trend of operations and maintenance management within the scope of Building Information Management (BIM) (Rachel Novotny, 2018) which is currently very advanced.

PSDA Curriculum Map

The second concentration is Water Resources (SDA) with the specificity of Regional (Spatial) Water Resources Management supported by technology. This specificity is used to support the success of government programs in the field of sustainable water resources, and currently the government is preparing a Water Resources Bill (RUU) as an old Water Resources Law. The curriculum at this concentration is directed at supporting these policies such as: Courses (MK) Management of Water Resources, Analysis of Water Supply / Needs, SDA Economics, and Geographic Information Systems for their regional analysis.

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